Being Grateful — Orlando Espinosa


I love this picture from Orlando.  Gratefulness is one of the most important things we can learn.  It has been proven that positivity attracts positivity.  So being grateful is a way of being positive about the things you already have in your life and also about things that are happening around you now.  The hardest time to be grateful is when things seem to be going wrong.  You need to believe that everything happens for a reason and that this “going wrong” is good in some way.  It could be that it is there to teach you some sort of lesson that will improve your life.  You may lose something only to have it replaced later by something better.  You may finish a challenge only to find a greater one but then find the feeling you get when you finish it so much greater too.  Life is funny that way.  Try being grateful for everything for a couple of days and see what happens.

Being grateful has a way of always making you happy!

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Relaxation techniques

Originally posted on Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS: Me and Dizzy have been trying out different relaxation techniques recently to try and help manage our anxiety. I did a post in January on Me and Dizzy attempting to combat anxiety on general ideas to help manage anxiety. For this one we’ve been thinking about using specific exercises and techniques! 🙂 It’s taken…

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Be Yourself


Hi There,

As we grow up we change.  As babies, we do what we want and learn from others.  We learn;  how to look after ourselves, how to eat, how to write, how to read.  We also learn about right and wrong and how to act around others.  We learn these through instruction and by copying the actions of those around us.  Often this involves seeing what they do and how others react to it.  If it a good reaction (people smiling, laughing and encouraging) it is good so we do it.  If it is a bad reaction ( anger, shouting and sometimes violence) we don’t.

By the time we are about 6 or 7 years old we have started to develop a sense of who we are and have built ourselves a personality.  We know what we are supposed to do but also have a sense of trying to be ourselves and often try things we haven’t experienced yet.  This often gets us into trouble but it helps to gain new experiences and tells us more about what makes us who we are as opposed to just our parents’ children.

When we enter school, and more often secondary school and the world of work we are put in a situation that puts this to the test.  We are put in primary school before we develop the sense of who we are and accept the new people around us as people to learn from.  The latter two situations involve us being taken away from these familiar surroundings and people and going somewhere new.

We don’t know how we should act, what is right or wrong and look for answers.  We want to fit in.  This may involve us acting like everybody else and forgetting who we really are.  We are all different so why don’t we act like it?  We try to fit in with the cool kids that all the others want to spend time with.  What if that person was you because you are not afraid of being who you are?

Think about it.  You are here to live your life not act like your living someone else’s.



What’s stopping you?


We all have dreams, we all want to achieve goals. I’m not just talking about life changing goals, even small decisions and goals can change our lives.  We may not even look forward to doing some things but know we have to. For adults this may be; mow the lawn, clean the car, prepare for a meeting.  For children this may be; do the homework, brush teeth,  comb hair and so on. So what stops us doing them?  We give excuses all the time, I’ll do it later, it doesn’t need to be done right now, it’s raining.  Generally, “I don’t feel like it right now”.

There is a trick that will help you get moving.  It has been called many things, the Japanese call it “kaizen” which literally means continuous improvement. Don’t stop moving forward, even small steps lead to the future, take the steps. Mel Robbins, world-renowned motivational speaker, calls it “the 5-second rule” – once you know something needs to be done, act on it within 5 seconds, just do it. My favourite name is “eat the frog



Poor frog!  No, it is not literally a frog.  Your “frog” is your biggest and most important task and most likely the one you find excuses not to do.  If there are two  “frogs” you should “eat” the largest/ugliest one first.  Once these are done you no longer have to look for ways to avoid them and the rest of the tasks you have to do are less scary.

So don’t spend time avoiding tasks, move forward, take action quickly and eat that frog.

What matters in life?


With the release of the movie above (Sing) I saw this meme online and thought it was great.  I see three things in this picture.

The worried-looking mother figure

Is this you?  Are you concerned that you aren’t doing enough and trying really hard?  This is how a lot of us feel, that our best is just not good enough.  The problem with this can be seen just behind her.  She IS doing a good job and the only person who is fretting about it is her.  Sometimes we build pictures in our heads that are the “perfect” situation and we strive towards it but never seem to reach it.  A great quote comes to mind, I forget the exact one but it is something like shoot for the moon and if you fall short at least you have reached the stars.  The great thing about this is that many people say “the sky is the limit” both the winner and the failure in the previous statement have beaten this “limit”.  Look around at all you have achieved and remember to enjoy it.

The small child

The child is having a great time. He is happy with his life and he is feeling safe, secure and cared for. He is also unafraid of being himself and having fun.This is a great way to feel and I would love to feel this way all of the time. His mother is doing a good job.

and the quote “Life has a way of letting us know what matters”

When bad things happen in your life, as they sometimes do they could turn out to be what we needed.  If you are unable to go to work because you are ill it may give you a chance to see that your family (relatives or close friends) really care for you.  It is a great feeling, and one you may have forgotten.  It also gives you chance to reflect and look around at what you have achieved so far. You may be surprised and take the chance to be grateful too.

Have a great time, don’t let kids loose their innocence and try being a bit more like them whenever you can.