Be Yourself


Hi There,

As we grow up we change.  As babies, we do what we want and learn from others.  We learn;  how to look after ourselves, how to eat, how to write, how to read.  We also learn about right and wrong and how to act around others.  We learn these through instruction and by copying the actions of those around us.  Often this involves seeing what they do and how others react to it.  If it a good reaction (people smiling, laughing and encouraging) it is good so we do it.  If it is a bad reaction ( anger, shouting and sometimes violence) we don’t.

By the time we are about 6 or 7 years old we have started to develop a sense of who we are and have built ourselves a personality.  We know what we are supposed to do but also have a sense of trying to be ourselves and often try things we haven’t experienced yet.  This often gets us into trouble but it helps to gain new experiences and tells us more about what makes us who we are as opposed to just our parents’ children.

When we enter school, and more often secondary school and the world of work we are put in a situation that puts this to the test.  We are put in primary school before we develop the sense of who we are and accept the new people around us as people to learn from.  The latter two situations involve us being taken away from these familiar surroundings and people and going somewhere new.

We don’t know how we should act, what is right or wrong and look for answers.  We want to fit in.  This may involve us acting like everybody else and forgetting who we really are.  We are all different so why don’t we act like it?  We try to fit in with the cool kids that all the others want to spend time with.  What if that person was you because you are not afraid of being who you are?

Think about it.  You are here to live your life not act like your living someone else’s.




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