What’s stopping you?


We all have dreams, we all want to achieve goals. I’m not just talking about life changing goals, even small decisions and goals can change our lives.  We may not even look forward to doing some things but know we have to. For adults this may be; mow the lawn, clean the car, prepare for a meeting.  For children this may be; do the homework, brush teeth,  comb hair and so on. So what stops us doing them?  We give excuses all the time, I’ll do it later, it doesn’t need to be done right now, it’s raining.  Generally, “I don’t feel like it right now”.

There is a trick that will help you get moving.  It has been called many things, the Japanese call it “kaizen” which literally means continuous improvement. Don’t stop moving forward, even small steps lead to the future, take the steps. Mel Robbins, world-renowned motivational speaker, calls it “the 5-second rule” – once you know something needs to be done, act on it within 5 seconds, just do it. My favourite name is “eat the frog



Poor frog!  No, it is not literally a frog.  Your “frog” is your biggest and most important task and most likely the one you find excuses not to do.  If there are two  “frogs” you should “eat” the largest/ugliest one first.  Once these are done you no longer have to look for ways to avoid them and the rest of the tasks you have to do are less scary.

So don’t spend time avoiding tasks, move forward, take action quickly and eat that frog.


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