What matters in life?


With the release of the movie above (Sing) I saw this meme online and thought it was great.  I see three things in this picture.

The worried-looking mother figure

Is this you?  Are you concerned that you aren’t doing enough and trying really hard?  This is how a lot of us feel, that our best is just not good enough.  The problem with this can be seen just behind her.  She IS doing a good job and the only person who is fretting about it is her.  Sometimes we build pictures in our heads that are the “perfect” situation and we strive towards it but never seem to reach it.  A great quote comes to mind, I forget the exact one but it is something like shoot for the moon and if you fall short at least you have reached the stars.  The great thing about this is that many people say “the sky is the limit” both the winner and the failure in the previous statement have beaten this “limit”.  Look around at all you have achieved and remember to enjoy it.

The small child

The child is having a great time. He is happy with his life and he is feeling safe, secure and cared for. He is also unafraid of being himself and having fun.This is a great way to feel and I would love to feel this way all of the time. His mother is doing a good job.

and the quote “Life has a way of letting us know what matters”

When bad things happen in your life, as they sometimes do they could turn out to be what we needed.  If you are unable to go to work because you are ill it may give you a chance to see that your family (relatives or close friends) really care for you.  It is a great feeling, and one you may have forgotten.  It also gives you chance to reflect and look around at what you have achieved so far. You may be surprised and take the chance to be grateful too.

Have a great time, don’t let kids loose their innocence and try being a bit more like them whenever you can.



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