Happy New Year


Happy New Year to all who read this post.  Like the character in the picture I want to you to do all you can to be true to yourself, however crazy that may be.  As adults, we may recognise that new year is a time when we go out and relax (sometimes this may take a bit of alcohol or other adults around us being crazy or even dressing in fancy dress).  This is when we unwind and really have some fun.  The sad thing is that we are not always able to do this.  Why not?  Fear.  We are scared of what others will think of us, people we have been acting in front of will see what we really are.  Yes, I said acting.  At some point during our childhood (usually secondary school) we start to worry about what others think, we start to try and make ourselves look “better” than we are, especially to “cool” people or to people that we find attractive.  We act like we know things we don’t or have done things that we haven’t or try to act the same way as others to fit in.

Try being yourself more often and see what happens.  If you are always acting you may spend all of your time trying to remember what you are supposed to be.  You may miss opportunities to improve or be unhappy with the situation you find yourself in.  Why be unhappy all the time?  What are you trying to do? Is it really worth all the effort?

Reflect on 2016 and ask yourself.

  • What have you achieved?
  • If you haven’t reached your goals, why not?
  • What do you want to achieve next?
  • What has made this year great?  – Be thankful for these
  • What has not been so good? – learn from these and move on

Have a great year.


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