You Suck!..Really?


It doesn’t matter what you try, you will always see people who seem to just “get it” and are “naturals”.  You will also see those who have had time to become good at something before you try it and will try and make you feel bad about how well you are doing.

Guess what?

That is how it is always going to be.  You will always find something hard when you first try it.  You will always struggle.  But if you put the time and effort into the task you will find things getting easier until one day you will find it easy.  You may even get so good that you seem like you’re a “natural” or “born to do it”.


You just need to trust in yourself, ignore those who want to put you down and go for it.  It may take time and you may feel like things will never go your way.  When they do it will be worth it.

Teach others?

This is where parents and friends come in.  If you have a child/friend/colleague who wants to be good at something, help them.  You don’t need to know the answers, you don’t need to be an expert in the task they are facing.  You just need to be there for them with encouragement.  If you want to help more you may want to research what they are doing so you can help that way too.  This is especially good for children as adults are sometimes better at abstract thinking and can see solutions where the child cannot.  You are always an expert to a student if you are one lesson ahead.

Remember what Jake said in the picture.

“Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something”

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