Magic — The Daily Post

It’s just amazing how much magic children can find in the world.  The post below by Magic shows this.  The world in the mind of a child is a wonderful place, any old place like a small garden, a wall or even a driveway can be an entire universe of adventure. A place full of pirates and dragons, princesses and castles, secret caves, castles and even outer space.  To an adult, these places are just what they are and the rest of the world may be just as boring and maybe even scary.  The world to an adult may be filled with thieves, armed thugs, drug, rapists and more where everything around could be dangerous and hurt or maybe even kill you.  What happens to our imagination to turn our world from a world of dreams into a world of nightmares full of fear and hate?  Sometimes we need to try and see things from a child’s point of view and feel happy about the good that is out there too.

This week, make some magic.

via Magic — The Daily Post


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