Mistakes. Are they really bad?  This all depends on how you look at them.  So how can we look at a mistake, what reactions can we have?

Anger – ” I failed” this could end up with you either blaming yourself, someone else or even the things you have to work with.  Blame.

Depression – “I’m useless” this could end up with you feeling like you will never get things right or giving up altogether.

Curiosity – “I wonder what went wrong” this means you look at the reasons why it failed and then look for ways to rectify the problem and try again.

Children face these problems all the time.  Initially, curiosity always wins, really young children will try to work out the world around them and will play, sometimes a lot, until they figure out how things work.  Then, depending on how they are taught, they will often move on to the next phase which is often one of the other two reactions.

Those who have been shouted at will often start to believe that there is something wrong with them and that their failures are all their fault. This, in turn, makes them unwilling to even try and never want to learn at all.  They may take it the other way and learn from you that the best reaction to a failure is to get angry about it and blame someone for it.

This brings us back to our the growth mindset that we looked at before.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep our children in the positive “curiosity” phase?    Every invention we see and use in our daily lives was born from a problem.  Something was wrong that needed fixing or making better, in other words, there was a mistake.  Mistakes can bring greatness or they can bring anger and depression.  Let’s help our children be positive about mistakes and come up with great dreams and be able to try new things until they succeed.




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