Dream Big


Now that is what I call dreaming big! When we are children we are full of dreams and somewhere along the route of growing up we loose our dreams.  This is very sad.  Often I hear people talking about the children around them and saying things like,

  • wouldn’t it be great to have that amount of energy again?
  • where do they get those ideas from?
  • I wish I could just have some time to just be whatever I want to be.

Our roles as adults is to make sure that children DON’T lose this ability to imagine and dream big as they grow up.  I see hundreds of people everyday who seem to have lost their spark and are resigned to “the fact” that this is what they deserve or the best that they can get/deserve.  They have abandoned their dreams and goals to just work and die. What kind of life is that to lead our kids in to?  Certainly one I don’t want to lead MY children in to.  I’ve been there and it is not good.

As children we are different people, we don’t know anything so we start investigating everything to find out about the world around us.  We start with limited sight so we reach out and grab things to bring them closer and see what they look like.  We have also only just discovered what our hands are and so we’re not sure what things feel like with them yet so we turn to the best thing we do know, our tongues.  This is easily the most sensitive touch organ we have.  So at birth we are

  • unafraid to reach out in to the unknown
  • explore without previous knowledge
  • use the best we have to investigate
  • draw conclusions
  • move on to the next thing.

Think about yourself now.  Do you still do these things? Probably not.  We stay with what we know, live in our comfort zones.  We sometimes decide we want to try something and then decide that we need to gather as much information as possible about it first.  The best we have to investigate is us, research only gives you other people’s opinions from the past and only gives you the highlights. Do the thing you want to do, try it.


As this picture says, if you can dream and enjoy exploring the world around you it is possible to get your spark back.  Ignite the energy within you and shine once more.

So we need to encourage our children to dream.  We need to join in their games and exercise our imaginations, add our knowledge and improve their dreams.  We need to give them experiences beyond their current reach, take them to new locations, let them feel new things, see touch and hear what is in the world around them.  You could show them what you know about or even take the opportunity to explore the world with them.

Go out and shine with the children of the world and shine with them.  They are the future, let them make it a bright one.







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